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SubjectEnd of an era.
Posted on09-15-2008 15:31
FromThe Territory

I don't know quite how to say this eloquently, but I'll do my best.

It's been more than a decade since this website brought me together with an old friend from high school for the purpose of tailgating prior to FSU sporting events. I thought I was a rabid fan sitting at home watching every game I could get and reading everything I could put my hands on, but I was to learn soon enough that I was missing out on a whole lot of fun.

My father has taught at FSU since 1972, but had never been a season ticket holder in that time, so I never learned how to attend games. After Prime Nole contacted me for the first time, he invited me to come to his tailgate. I was a little apprehensive at first, mostly because I was embarrassed by how little I had made of my life since high school. But I said what the heck and made plans to attend. As best as I can remember this must have been around 1997. I had a blast at the tailgate and a great time at the game. From this point on, I wouldn't miss many if any home FSU games.

Over the years I met tons of people from the website and made some lasting friendships that still stand to this day. People would come and go, mostly because things in their lives would change. We've had to relocate a couple of times, but mostly things just kept on ticking. I learned how much fun it is to travel to away games, and even though I cannot afford to go to many, the lure of meeting up with friends at away games is always there. But, over the last few years things have changed, not just with regular attendees, but with new booster fees, and parking rules, etc, things just began to add up for the worst.

This fall we lost a few people to other tailgate areas. Those departures led to other departures and the lack of remaining Prime Spot members and Lot 7 parking passes made it was painfully obvious that there just wasn't enough interest to keep it going.

As of last Saturday, September 13th, 2008, the Prime Spot pitched it's last tent, served it's last beverage, and hosted it's final gathering of Prime Spot tailgaters. This is an emotional time for me, but through my discussions with other Prime Spot tailgaters and friends, I have come to the realization that the tailgate is not some hunk of turf, or some long list of memories, it's the people. So, with a heavy heart I bid farewell to the Prime Spot and all it's memories. I will join my friends at another location, one that won't have any connection to this website/community. If you are coming to town and would like to join me, send me an email or give me a call, I'm sure you will be more than welcome to tailgate with us as my guest.

Thanks to all my long-time tailgating friends for everything, I love and will miss you all.

Go Noles!

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 End of an era.
JD 09-15-2008 15:31
 Sorry to hear that.
fudge 09-15-2008 15:36
 Glad I was there.*
duke nole 09-15-2008 15:56
 side note...were you at broken egg yesterday?
captainER 09-15-2008 16:00
 Nope, never been.*
JD 09-15-2008 16:18
 Oh man, I don't know what to say.....
tee gee 09-15-2008 16:02
 Just borrow your wife's cell phone and give me a call...
JD 09-15-2008 16:27
 :)...Will do. *
tee gee 09-15-2008 16:29
seminole bob 09-15-2008 16:03
 what the heck?
wrightnole 09-15-2008 16:04
 You know how to find me...
JD 09-15-2008 18:14
 check yo e-mailsssss.....***
wrightnole 09-17-2008 16:55
JD 09-17-2008 17:21
 oh man that sucks.*
fsustage 09-15-2008 16:12
 Oh man
ROSWELLNOLE 09-15-2008 16:55
 You gotta promise to help Lilburn w/the GT tailgate.
JD 09-15-2008 18:15
 BigJer, too. Atlantans UNITE!*
Big Chunk 09-15-2008 19:06
 We are already working on it....*
seminole bob 09-15-2008 19:43
 Let me know anything I can do Bob.*
LilburnNole 09-15-2008 23:49
 We are?
ROSWELLNOLE 09-16-2008 09:15
 Yep, here is the agenda:
seminole bob 09-16-2008 14:52
 I know I am checking in late, but......
BigJerNole 09-19-2008 23:29
 Marked as a sad notice.
Lynn 09-15-2008 16:59
 Well damn, sorry to hear it ...
ALforFSU 09-15-2008 17:04
 Wow, I was looking forward to stopping by this week..
wncnole 09-15-2008 17:09
 Make sure I have your number...
JD 09-15-2008 18:18
 You got it...
wncnole 09-15-2008 18:21
 It's sad but
NoleusMaximus 09-15-2008 19:24
 I will call you this weekend.
Cynical 09-15-2008 22:52
 eshod?? what the heck...
wncnole 09-16-2008 04:25
Cynical 09-16-2008 10:14
 nice looking dogs/call me this weekend*
captainER 09-16-2008 12:12
 I had your number (JD) and BigJer, but I think
indigo noles-n-bucks 09-16-2008 20:38
JD 09-16-2008 21:11
 You got it*
indigo noles-n-bucks 09-17-2008 13:40
 Check your yahoo email...*
JD 09-18-2008 08:39
 Mr Indigo, I'm pretty sure I still have your number....
BigJerNole 09-19-2008 23:33
 Wow. So sorry to hear it won't be continuing...
LilburnNole 09-15-2008 17:21
 Please call me before your next game.
JD 09-15-2008 17:34
 I'll bringing a Auburn buddy down for VaTech...
LilburnNole 09-15-2008 17:39
 I'm very sad to hear this.
znole 09-15-2008 17:27
 Major bummer.
Kenny 09-15-2008 17:28
JD 09-15-2008 17:35
 Instead of the end of an era...
FSUChiefsMom 09-15-2008 18:55
 I agree....
fsuacc1 09-17-2008 13:13
cstrick 09-15-2008 19:30
 I feel your pain...
seanman 09-15-2008 19:48
 You kept me going while in NC
TheFirstLady 09-15-2008 19:49
 The Prime Spot will be revived.
nole151 09-15-2008 20:20
 Yeah, it's your fault
jerinole 09-15-2008 20:27
 Thanks for the clarification.*
nole151 09-15-2008 21:05
 Some 'spot' will be revived...
Lutz Nole 09-15-2008 23:39
 Sorry to hear it
LTowns 09-15-2008 23:51
 Sad I couldn't have made it to more
ky nole 92 09-16-2008 00:05
 Glad I was there...
chefnole 09-16-2008 13:27
 Thanks, for the memories
231nole 09-16-2008 22:33
 Thanks John, that was nice.
JD 09-16-2008 22:40
 that was really cool....
wrightnole 09-17-2008 09:08
 And the Primespot in Charlottesville
nole151 09-17-2008 11:38
 and JD and the Gainesville PD...****
wrightnole 09-17-2008 11:47
 Refresh my memory...
JD 09-18-2008 08:34
 super regionals a few years ago....
wrightnole 09-18-2008 08:51
 Oh yeah... I remember that.
JD 09-18-2008 08:55
 yep, same year I chugged quite a few....
wrightnole 09-18-2008 10:13
 The HogTown cops circling 47 times...
Lutz Nole 09-21-2008 23:49
 Primenole proposing to (now) Mrs. Primenole
nole151 09-17-2008 12:12
 Didn't chunk and jen meet at PS ? *
tee gee 09-18-2008 16:29
 yep and so did Kenny and Nut....
wrightnole 09-18-2008 16:43
 Preciate it john
poppaj 09-17-2008 15:57
 Sorry to hear that
Prime Nole 09-17-2008 11:59
 what up Will?
wrightnole 09-17-2008 13:46
 I'm glad I happened by somewhat accidently....
BigJerNole 09-19-2008 23:39
 Glad I made it by in 2001
Mr. Huggy Bear 09-22-2008 13:51
 Weren't you the one
jerinole 09-22-2008 14:19
 LOL...he showed me the lemon....didn't throw it till later
Mr. Huggy Bear 09-22-2008 14:36

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