Good, Bad and Ugly (The Wolf Dead Edition)

Wolfpacks are some of the most cunning, deadly groupings of animals on this planet. Watch any nature show and you can marvel in the teamwork, guile , strategy and tenacity  that wolves place into killing prey. And while it seemed like a sneaky Nevada Wolfpack was doing just that to the Seminoles on Saturday, the reality abruptly set in when the good guys decided to show up. Even the most aggresive wolves with teeth are simply no match for Indians with weaponry. 

For almost a half of football, the Wolfpack ran a decidedly “Un-Nevada” offense to amazing success by holding the ball for what seemed like entire 30 minutes, leaving FSU with very limited opportunities for striking. The hurry-up style was put in the duffle and Chris Polian decided instead to just hold on as long as he could to keep any attack at bay. Without their starting quarterback, the backup proved capable and running backs solid, gashing the ‘Noles for yardage. Taking a 7-3 lead in the 2nd quarter and putting a restlessness into the home crowd, FSU finally got its strike at the 4:00 minute mark on an insanely beautiful throw by Jameis Winston to Kenny Shaw. Adding an injury to the backup quarterback for Nevada, it was simply mathematic at that point. FSU never turned back and went in for the kill scoring 59 unanswered points en route to an easy win. 

The Good

Receivers –  These guys are really good. And getting better. The routes they are running are crisp. They are getting into space. They are making ridiculous catches. They are blocking so well on edge runs. I put them first on the list because they deserve it.

Jameis – He had his first pick, but it’s what happened after that…the shaking off of the mistake and going on to have an incredible day. As stated by many to this point, he has more tds than incompletions. He added another running td into the mix on Saturday as well. Oh, and how about ball distribution? I think the last count I saw was 8 different receivers? That’s nice.

If you watch the replay I want you to see something…after his interception, watch him talking to the receiver. He’s already working, explaining, communicating. He’s not emotional about it; he’s not shaken. He’s just preparing. That’s what makes me so comfortable with him. He just seems to “get it.”

Devonte Freeman – Why put him first? Because, honestly, I think he is underrated. Look, Nevada’s glaring weakness was run defense. But it seems to me that Freeman continually gets yardarge and breaks at least 1 big run a game. It goes unnoticed and sometimes I think folks even, for lack of a better term, “down” him sometimes. Not sure why but he gets the job done and I enjoy watching him.

Karlos Williams – Eesh. That’s certainly one way to introduce yourself on offense. That is a steam engine running at full throttle. God help any man that steps in front of that. That’s freakish stuff. Sammie Smith with rocket boosters

Tim Jernigan – Again unstoppable. He’s just so awesome. I can sit there and watch him the whole game. Shout out to Jacobbi, too. He had some nice place and I saw him getting through the middle a few times. It’s awesome just to see him play at all. Seeing him do it on defense is a treat.

Tyler Hunter – That QB might press charges. Or the state. That hit he put on that kid was criminal. I’m pretty sure my kid even let out a bad word on that one and he can’t talk yet.

Beating a team the way an elite team should – Yeah, it was Nevada with a backup. Yeah, it was a hot Tallahassee day. Yeah, that DTs mullet is “Freedom Rock” turned up to 11-awesome. But the great teams take care of bidness and we took care of bidness. Heck, even Jimbo let Coker come in before the 4th quarter (and did you see HIS throw?). That kind of beatin’ is nice to watch sometimes.

Freddie Stevenson – Yeah, me too.


Early game focus – That ain’t gonna work against better teams. Our defensive and offensive focus and intensity was not there. The great teams are focused on the task. I hate to use them, but the reality is that what makes a Saban-led team better than others. They’re focused. I was really disappointed in our early game effort. It was just poor play on defense and on offense just simple lack of focus. Clemson would have been up by 21 or more with that effort.

The game opening and cutting off of Osceola – Seriously, man. You stick with it, stick with it, stick with it and right as he’s about to plant it…let’s go to the booth! It’s not a hard thing. Just keep the camera and sound on that. People wanna see it. Let it be seen. You’ll sit there for 5 minutes at a South Carolina game while they do the “Space Odyssey” thing. You’ll keep us tuned in for “Enter Sandman.” 2 more seconds and we get to see the Spear.

Nevada’s QB hurting himself by himself – I don’t think anyone hit him. I think he just planted wrong or something. Watching him play hurt was a little heartbreaking. That kid’s a trooper, man. He gave it his all.

The male Cheerleader that almost got trucked – If you didn’t see it, go back and look. This guy is dragging his flag in front of the banner and just about gets his brains knocked in. Don’t these guys watch the YouTube or Tosh.0? Do NOT stand in front of the banner! It’s a killzone.

James Wilder’s shoulder – Not sure why he was playing. He was obviously still reeling from that injury. Would rather them sit him unless they need him. Because we “will” need him later.


Bobby Hart – My heart dropped when he was hurt. Just…No. Uh uhh. Not acceptable. Just no.

KBs touchdown, err, incompletion – Look, I don’t care if that actually is the rule. If that’s the rule, it’s stupid. It was a touchdown.

The Big 10

Oregon’s unifo….is it even worth it anymore?

South Florida – Good Lord almighty. I’m sure Willie Taggart is a great guy. And maybe Skip Holtz left him a dumpster fire. But that’s just not what you do, man. Getting housed by a D1AA team followed by a loss to that team “from across the ocean” (shout out to Lamar Thomas!). Get on the bus, indeed, Willie. Get on the bus, indeed.

So, all in all we did just fine. Just need to come out swinging instead of letting the game come to us. I mean, in the end we allowed something like 3.4 yards per play or something insane like that. We ended up getting what we wanted. We got yet another turnover and we looked impressive once we woke up. Not a whole lot to complain about but a whole lot to be excited about. I like where this is heading. Next up, the Bethune Cookman Wildcats. And don’t sleep on ‘em, they routed that FIU team that just beat up on USF (Sorry, that’s just funny. Big 4, huh?).

*Correction – USF lost to FAU, not FIU. In the end, it’s like mixing up if you died by poison or gas, though.


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