Infamously Random and Suspiciously Meaningless Thoughts

1. Right around the time the score was 17-3 in favor of Boston College, I’m not sure but I think I heard the collective Seminole Nation saying to themselves “We’re 22.5 point favorites over this team eh?”

2. To cure the trending and infamously slow starts to games the Seminoles are experiencing, perhaps if we could just skip the first quarter altogether and go directly to the second? I’m sure the NCAA will agree to that request. The NCAA is such an understanding and expedient organization after all. Just ask Miami.

3. Mrs BFT had just walked into the room in time to see TV flash the head shots of Florida State’s starting offensive linemen complete with vital stats of height and weight (all of which being in excess of 300 …… pounds not feet). Came the question from the Mrs. “Is that our offensive line?” My response to said Mrs., “No, that’s our WR corp.” For the life of me I fail to understand why she didn’t believe that.

4. Coming into Saturday’s game, a pre-game headline read “Seminoles hope to stop the run” with the key word in that headline being ‘hope” Final stats: BC 200 rushing yards.Well, at least it was a nice round number.

5. Breaking news: Georgia Tech just was flagged again for a false start.

6. Best pre-game analysis goes to Jimbo Fisher for his “I like balance on offense and two ways to have that balance is running the ball and passing the ball.” Clearly without a doubt those are the two best methods for a balanced offense out of the 87 other options available to a football team.

7. There is no truth to the rumor that following the highlight touchdown pass from Jameis Winston to Kenny Shaw that the Eagles were asking for the play to be reversed as they were positive Doug Flutie did not have any eligibility left.

8. At the half, BC head coach responded to the sideline reporter’s question what his team needed to do in the second half by saying “we just need to stick to the game plan.” Obviously his team did. First half scoring FSU 24, BC 17. Second half scoring FSU 24, BC 17. Well done Steve!!!!!!!!!

9.Come on Chad, admit it. You were just showboating on that juggling touchdown catch weren’t you? I give it a 8 out of 10 for degree of difficulty. Maybe next time add a somersault while juggling.

10. This space left intentionally blank for yet another GT illegal procedure call.

Bonus Infamously Random and Suspiciously Meaningless Thoughts

11. Sign seen on ESPN’s Gameday show: “I’m on TV.” No, technically your sign was. That is unless you look like a square cardboard placard nailed onto a stick.

12. After last weekend’s so-so viewing option, college football fans had to be pleased with this weekend’s bill of fare to choose from. Other than of course the obvious all important above mentioned FSU/BC contest there were games like Wisconsin at Ohio State, Alabama hosting Mississippi, Oklahoma and Notre Dame and of course the biggie ….. Holy Cross at Dartmouth. BTW, if you know the final score of the game let me know. I didn’t bother to catch it.

13. Congrats to the USF Bulls who saw their offense finally get on track. Through the first three games of the season the Bulls’ offense managed just four touchdowns. On Saturday USF nearly matched that total by reaching the end zone three times. UNFORTUNATELY for the green and gold Miami crossed the end line seven times.

14. Recall that sign that went up in 2009 after said Bulls defeated FSU, you know the one that read “Welcome to the Big Four”? Good news, they can resurrect that sign with just a minor adjustment as in “Welcome to the big OH!!! and four”.

15. With San Jose at the Utah St two yard line on a first and goal, the Spartans demonstrated perfectly how NOT to execute the shotgun formation as the snap of the ball sailed oh so slightly over the QB’s head. Perhaps it might have worked better had said QB lined up at the Aggies’ 26 yard line.

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