Impressively Random and Un-impressively Meaningless Thoughts

1. So ………. Clemson has an improved defense over last season eh? Okaaaaaaaaaay. If you say so.

2. You really have to give credit to the die hard Clemson fans who stayed to the bitter end. All ninety six of them.

3. On the somewhat sparse numbers of orange and/or purple clad fans in the stands at the start of the 4th quarter, Mrs BFT offered an explanation. “They left to get plastered rather than stick around and watch their team get plastered.”

4. And speaking of the 4th qtr, Gene Deckerhoff on the smallest radio broadcast facilities in the ACC: “The press box is a little larger when you have a lead like this.”

5. During the past week leading up to the game, how many times did you hear the phrase Florida State has not won at Clemson since ……. ? Yes, yes …. we all know, FSU has not won at Memorial Stadium since ………… well, since 2013!!!!

6. Best Commentary on Clemson’s Final Score Award goes to FSU’s favorite radio play by play man when Geno observed, “The Tiger mascot does a push up for each point Clemson scores. He will NOT be winded tomorrow morning.”

7. William Floyd on Nick O’Leary’s crushing deflection of a would be Clemson tackler: “Is it December ….because he (Travis Blanks) just got lit up like a Christmas tree.”

8. As you may have known, Clemson was out to set a record for the loudest stadium with Guiness Book of World Record personnel at the game to verify the accomplishment should it be obtained. Not sure about getting that loudest stadium record but certainly they clearly had to have achieved a new mark for the quietest stadium sometime in that 4th quarter. That is if you eliminate the healthy contingent of Seminole fans doing the war chant.

9. In the various Keys to the Game articles during the week, I couldn’t help but notice this one of great overall significance to the contest regarding ABC’s play by play man. “Will Brent Musberger be making another pass at any co-eds?” He didn’t btw obviously having to spend more time describing the numerous FSU scores.

10. Perusing other ACC games of this past week …..Memo to Miami’s Stephen Morris who threw approximately eleven INTs (at least it seemed that way) against UNC Thursday night: Could you please play like that again on November 2nd? Sans the game winning drive of course.

Bonus Impressively Random and Un-impressively Meaningless Thoughts

11. Still perusing other conference games, we’re appreciating the to the point assessment with Wake Forest in a 3rd and 35 situation when the color analyst offered, “That’s never good.” You really have to appreciate brief and succinct commentary like that.

12. And yet more perusal of the league John Swofford built, congrats to the Virginia Cavaliers for playing a stellar 30 minutes. UNFORTUNATELY for the Cavs it was the first thirty apparently forgetting there was another thirty to play. That vote of confidence by AD Craig Littlepage for head coach Mike London was off to an excellent start I see.

13. Couldn’t also help but notice when ESPN flashed during the Alabama game the offensive season statistics of “Arkanas”. Arkanas????? The SEC must have expanded again and I obviously just missed the announcement.

14. In the category of “WTH is that” was the person (we assume anyway) at the Ohio State game dressed in what can only be described as a scarlet colored Cousin It pom pom like outfit. Security at the gate had to have had “fun” checking that out as he entered the stadium.

15. With the gatros (their …) aka crocs of XXVI experiencing yet another woeful offensive performance in their 36-17 loss to Missouri, two questions come to mind. How can the offense be fixed? And speaking for many Seminole fans I am sure, why would we want them to?

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