FSU and Auburn Defense vs Similarly Rated Offenses

Auburn has the #8 offense in the nation according to S&P+ Advanced Statistics from footballoutsiders.com. That ranks as the 2nd toughest offense that Florida State will have played this year.  Miami at #4 and Clemson at #13 are the two teams surrounding Auburn’s 8th rank.  Below is a look at how Florida State fared against those offenses.

Auburn Offense #8 Miami Offense #4 Clemson Offense #13
Score 14 14
Total Yards 275 326
Yards Per Play 4.82 3.79
Passing Yards 192 203
Yards Per Attempt 6.9 4.5
Passing Efficiency 124.02 85.22
Rushing Yards 83 123
Yards Per Carry 2.86 3.00

Florida State has the #1 offense in the nation according to S&P+. This will be the top offense Auburn has faced in 2013. The two closest ranked offenses Auburn has faced are Texas A&M at #5 and Georgia at #7.  Below is a look at how the Auburn defense fared against those offenses.

Florida State Offense #1 Texas A&M Offense #5 Georgia Offense #7
Score 41 38
Total Yards 602 532
Yards Per Play 7.34 7.19
Passing Yards 469 415
Yards Per Attempt 11.2 8.5
Passing Efficiency 187.14 147.88
Rushing Yards 133 117
Yards Per Carry 3.33 4.68

So what does this mean?

Not much really. The transitive property doesn’t always lend itself well when looking at football. You can gleam trends, though, and it does suggest that Florida State has a much better chance of slowing the Auburn offense than Auburn has of slowing the FSU defense.  I don’t think there is much of a chance that FSU holds Auburn to 14 points like they did against Miami and Clemson, though, as Auburn has really been rolling as of late.  However, I also don’t really picture the Auburn defense that had those performances against like teams holding FSU under 40 points.

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