22 Days Until Seminole Football

#22 Amir Rasul




Amir Rasul
Running Back
5’11” 196 lbs

While the highly touted incoming freshman are getting a lot of hype, don’t sleep on Amir Rasul and what he can bring to the table out of the backfield.  Rasul is a speedy back who was a 4* out of high school in 2016, he won the 100 meter dash State Championship in Florida.  He played in seven games as a freshman last year before suffering a shoulder injury late in the year.

#22 Adonis Thomas

Photo: Chris Nee, 247Sports

Photo: Chris Nee, 247Sports

Adonis Thomas
RS Sophomore
6’4″ 228 lbs

Adonis Thomas is a JUCO transfer out of Northwest Mississippi Community College.  Originally with the Alabama Crimson Tide, Thomas was a the number two JUCO inside linebacker in 2017 and committed to the Noles over Ole Miss and Kentucky.  Thomas should make an immediate impact with the Florida State defense in the rotation.

#22 Telvin Smith (2010-13)

Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images





Harry Hughey (1947)
George Morgan (1948)
John Quinn (1949)
Eddie Gray (1950)
Gerald Smith (1951)
Dan Simatovich (1952)
Lindy Willis (1952)
Carl Grenn (1953-54)
Buck Metts (1955-56)
Lenny Levy (1957-58)
Jim Redfern (1959)
Ken Russom (1960-62)
Maury Bibent (1963-65)
Chuck Eason (1966-68)
Doug Mitchell (1969)
Barry Smith (1970-72)
Bobby McKinnon (1972-75)
John Howerton (1973)
Mike Barnes (1976-77)
Homes Johnson (1978-79)
Hardis Johnson (1979-81)
Philip Hall (1982-84)
Keith Ross (1985)
Curtis Thomas (1985-87)
Edgar Bennett (1987-91)
Marquette Smith (1992-93)
Pooh Bear Williams (1994-96)
Davy Ford (1997-01)
Anthony Bredwood (2002)
Ryan Reynolds (2002)
Pat Watkins (2002-05)
Marlon Napier (2003-04)
Korey Mangum (2006-09)
Austin Stowers (2010)
Telvin Smith (2010-13)
Ridge Read (2012)
Johnathan Vickers (2014)
Tyrell Lyons (2014-15)

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