20 Days Until Seminole Football

#20 Trey Marshall




Trey Marshall
Defensive Back
6’0″ 210 lbs

Trey Marshall burst on the scene during the ACC Championship game in 2014 showing great closing speed and a knack for making plays.  Marshall has been an important player for the Seminoles the last two season.  In 2015, after he was injured midway through the season, there was a notable hole in the middle of the Seminole secondary.  Similarly, last year there was a notable and statistical difference when Marshall wasn’t in the game.  Unfortunately, Marshall has a propensity for the kind of hits that get him ejected.  This was evident against Clemson in 2016 where the yards per pass and success rates skyrocketed when Marshall was out. Marshall will miss the first half of the Bama game due to an ejection for targeting in the bowl against Michigan. Marshall will be a big key in the secondary this season.


#20 Lee Corso (1955-56)




Wendell Barnes (1947)
Ernie Reddick (1948-49)
Tommy Brown (1950-52)
Wesley Holden (1953)
Lee Corso (1955-56)
Burt “Buddy” Reynolds (1957)
Bobby Renn (1958)
Willie Whitehead (1959-60)
Dave Snyder (1961-63)
Larry Green (1964,66-67)
Chris Corral (1968)
Danny Thomas (1968-69)
David Snell (1970-72)
Mike Shumann (1973-77)
Jeff Ector (1979)
Ken Burnett (1980-82)
Jerome McCoy (1983)
Roosevelt Snipes (1983-85)
Keith Ross (1986-88)
Clyde Allen (1989-93)
James Colzie (1994-96)
Shawn McCorkel (1996)
Vannez Gooch (1997)
Raymont Skaggs (1998-99)
Nick Maddox (1999-02)
Mikhal Kornegay (2003)
Torrance Washington (2003-04)
Anthony Houllis (2004)
Jamie Robinson (2005-09)
Pat Davis (2007)
Eli Tatem (2010)
Daniel Monroe (2010-11)
Lamarcus Joyner (2010-13)
Alfredo Davis (2014)
Trey Marshall (2014-15)
Bobby Lyons (2014-15)


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