NFL Playoffs: Who should Nole fans root for?

It’s that time of year again to take a look at the NFL playoffs and who to root for.  Now, before we get started, this is only intended for those Noles who don’t already have a serious rooting interest for an NFL team.  Speaking for myself, for instance, I’m a Falcons fan as an Atlanta native and will be rooting for the Falcons all the way through until they find a way to break my heart again.

So, the chart below can be used two different ways to come up with you’re rooting hierarchy.  First, if you’re just interested in rooting for the teams with the most Noles, than just pay attention to the first column and you’ll find you’re an Eagles fan this offseason as they lead the group with four former Seminoles.  However, if you find yourself to be one of those Noles that has a real obsession with your hated rivals, then you may want to use the calculation below (Noles minus Gators minus Canes) that is in the Total column.  For the most part the ranking stays the same whichever method you choose.


 NFL Team Noles  Gators  Canes  Total
 Philadelphia Eagles  4  3  1  0
 Buffalo Bills  2  1 1  0
 Kansas City Chiefs  2  1  1  0
 Los Angeles Rams  1  1  0  0
Minnesota Vikings  2  1  2  -1
 New Orleans Saints  1  1  1  -1
 Jacksonville Jaguars  3  2  3  -2
 Atlanta Falcons  1  2  1  -2
 Carolina Panthers  1  1  2  -2
 Pittsburgh Steelers 1  3  2  -4
 Tennessee Titans  0  0  0  0
 New England Patriots  0  1  1  -2
 Totals 18  17  15

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