99 Days Until Seminole Football

#99 Brian Burns


Brian Burns
Defensive End
6’5″ 231 lbs

After a Freshman All-American season in 2016 that saw Brian Burns lead the nation is sacks for freshman with 9.5, he started all 13 games as a sophomore in 2017.  Burns struggled to match the pass rush specialist expectations he set for the year before finishing with just 4.5 sacks, but he turned it on toward the end of the season with 4 of his sacks coming in the last 5 games.



#99 David Warren (1997-2000)




Ricky Render (1979-80)
Ron Moore (1981)
Brian Slack (1982)
Tommy Wilkins (1982)
Bruce Heggie (1983-86)
Anthony Moss (1987-90)
Dulack Guerrier (1991-94)
Larry Smith (1995-96)
David Warren (1997-00)
Travis Johnson (2001-04)
Everette Brown (2005-08)
Jacobbi McDaniel (2009-10)
Nile Lawrence-Stample (2011-15)
Matthew Finn (2014)
Brian Burns (2016-17)


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