51 Days Until Seminole Football

#51 Baveon Johnson

Baveon Johnson
RS Sophomore
Offensive Line
6’3″ 310 lbs

Baveon Johnson was supposed to push Alec Eberle for a shot as the starting center in 2017, but those hopes were dashed with a season ending injury before the season started.  Johnson has been whispered to have a lot of talent and impressed in practice, but Nole fans have yet to see Johnson on the field on Saturday’s yet.  Eberle seems to be entrenched as the starter at center for 2018, but Johnson is a guy to keep an eye on moving forward.

#51 Josh Brown

Josh Brown
6’3″ 218 lbs

Josh Brown has played in 22 games in his career in Tallahassee thus far.  In 2016 as a freshman, Brown saw action mainly as a special teams player, but in 2017 he saw the field at the linebacker position in a an increasing capacity.  He made one start on the year last season and will be counted on to be a contributor this season at the linebacker position.

#51 Aaron Carter (1974-77)


Ed Dilsaver (1947)
Norman Eubanks (1948-50)
George Kirby (1951)
Bobby Walker (1951)
Don Powell (1952-54)
Hobo Ackerman (1955)
Mel Pope (1956)
Ramon Rogers (1957)
Bo Davis (1958)
Jim Worthington (1959)
Larry Hood (1960-61)
Y.C. McNease (1962)
Wallace Cooley (1962)
Joe Avezzano (1963-65)
John Richardson (1966)
Bill Hughes (1967-69)
Robert Carden (1970)
Bobby Howell (1970-71)
John Henry Davis (1972)
Dan Fucarino (1973)
Ricky Blythe (1973)
Mitch Skinner (1973)
Aaron Carter (1974-77)
James Gilbert (1978-81)
Dave Roberts (1982)
Richard Cullifer (1982-84)
Marty Riggs (1984-87)
Mike Goodman (1987)
David Whittington (1988)
Robbie Baker (1988-92)
Kevin Long (1993-97)
Ronald Boldin (1998-01)
Lee Weaver (2002)
Chris Turner (2002)
Buster Davis (2002-03)
Jae Thaxton (2004-06)
Randall Cox (2007)
Jeremiah Thompson (2007-08)
Aaron Gresham (2008-09)
Giorgio Newberry (2011-12)
Bobby Hart (2011-14)
Josh Brown (2016-17)
Baveon Johnson (2016-17)

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