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The Porch

Talking FSU sports with the TT gang. 
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I will personally guarantee by years end

by nole_in_tx
5 09/27/2014 10:24PM
Last Post by nole_in_tx

Brissett reminded me of BJ Daniels**

by Mahaanole
4 09/27/2014 10:16PM
Last Post by donny brook

I think NC State is going to have a pretty good year like 9-3 or 10-2 good.*

by 84Nole
3 09/27/2014 10:06PM
Last Post by PJD3883

Nice thread, Mr. O

by Billynole
13 09/27/2014 10:05PM
Last Post by Billynole

Cuse amd um with butt ugly uniforms tonight

by LTowns
4 09/27/2014 09:39PM
Last Post by fsUTampa

I hate to refer to ND in positive terms, but see those helmets?

by MrOsceola
5 09/27/2014 09:39PM
Last Post by MrOsceola

Featherston, Nnadi, Pugh, Rudolph, Cook...

by Nolehoops
5 09/27/2014 09:30PM
Last Post by Nolehoops

More ridiculous:

by ssinole
3 09/27/2014 09:27PM
Last Post by Nolehoops

Why no Heisman love for Rashad?...

by Nole Man
6 09/27/2014 09:23PM
Last Post by gonoles74

wow, missed tackles

by yogibuck
4 09/27/2014 09:23PM
Last Post by donny brook

Going out to light up a graycliff red label

by cstrick
4 09/27/2014 08:56PM
Last Post by donny brook

Mark my word...Now that Christian Green has finally scored, he's going to go on a tear ******

by anm
3 09/27/2014 08:50PM
Last Post by Nolehoops

What was the final total for points from turnovers for NC state? 20 right?*

by jpg06g
4 09/27/2014 08:49PM
Last Post by grassynolehitman

It feels strange to say, but...Let's go Duke! *

by Nolehoops
2 09/27/2014 08:16PM
Last Post by grassynolehitman

That sound u hear is the media wonks kicking trash cans over this Nole comeback*

by 84Nole
3 09/27/2014 08:07PM
Last Post by znole

How did Jeff Driskell beat out Jacoby Brissett at UF?

by MrOsceola
6 09/27/2014 08:05PM
Last Post by acc_roy

That reminded me of the ol' Joe Hamilton games.*

by ssinole
1 09/27/2014 08:04PM
Last Post by ssinole

20 in a row*

by ssinole
1 09/27/2014 07:52PM
Last Post by ssinole

This might be a good game in Miami tonight. To bad there isn't anyone there to witness it.*

by 84Nole
1 09/27/2014 07:49PM
Last Post by 84Nole

We have so many coaching points now that it's unbelievable...

by tee gee
1 09/27/2014 07:43PM
Last Post by tee gee

I think I'm not changing my mind on Winston.

by seminole in hawgland
16 09/27/2014 07:43PM
Last Post by cstrick

We've faced a lot of adversity and we're still #1 and undefeated...

by BankerNole
1 09/27/2014 07:38PM
Last Post by BankerNole


by fsUTampa
1 09/27/2014 07:31PM
Last Post by fsUTampa

Overhead shot of TT right now

by seminole in hawgland
10 09/27/2014 05:48PM
Last Post by KY Nole 92

Rumors of BC's decent-ness unfounded....24-21 Colo St final. Dang.****

by sandlander
6 09/27/2014 05:34PM
Last Post by grassynolehitman