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And so, we wait... 
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Oregon and OSU in the Rose, and Bama and Noles in the Sugar.

by znole
14 12/07/2014 09:04AM
Last Post by FSU Jeff

ESPN headline: "FSU wins two in a row"*

by cimarron
4 12/07/2014 09:01AM
Last Post by FSU Jeff

Kirk is really doing his part to push the noles*

by znole
5 12/07/2014 08:58AM
Last Post by FSU Jeff

really shocked that all of top 6 won this weekend ... committee's job won't be easy*

by CCnole
10 12/07/2014 02:42AM
Last Post by seminole in hawgland

ok, New Orleans or Pasadena?

by yogibuck
10 12/07/2014 02:33AM
Last Post by seminole in hawgland

So we knew they had to pass. And they rolled 97 yards passing up in 60 sec?

by seanman
9 12/07/2014 12:38AM
Last Post by proudnole

Stat of the day: +1 TOs. That was the difference!

by znole
1 12/07/2014 12:23AM
Last Post by znole

I believe Dalvin played every offensive snap*

by fsUTampa
5 12/07/2014 12:22AM
Last Post by savagesam

Lou Holtz is senile

by cstrick
1 12/07/2014 12:20AM
Last Post by cstrick

I find it amazing how little this team celebrates. It bothers me, but I think

by znole
1 12/07/2014 12:17AM
Last Post by znole

Why does Jimbo spend so much time in these pressers talking about the team's spirit, etc.?

by BankerNole
2 12/07/2014 12:11AM
Last Post by cstrick

I love Jimbo but I would have gone for that second 4th down. It was half a yard, Jimbo, not a yard+

by BankerNole
1 12/07/2014 12:11AM
Last Post by BankerNole

Why don't we have a pregame show.

by cstrick
7 12/07/2014 12:04AM
Last Post by Mr. Peanut

Chiefs were playing "Haters gonna hate" song after the win*

by praminole
5 12/06/2014 11:54PM
Last Post by Nolehoops

Man I hate playing those guys. Not looking forward to it next year.nm

by fsu89
1 12/06/2014 11:52PM
Last Post by fsu89

So what did I miss?**

by gonoles74
1 12/06/2014 11:44PM
Last Post by gonoles74

My bp is 95/55

by cstrick
1 12/06/2014 11:43PM
Last Post by cstrick

Crackerjacket - GA Tech has an outstanding team.

by mwfsu84
3 12/06/2014 11:43PM
Last Post by CrackerJ


by cstrick
4 12/06/2014 11:38PM
Last Post by KY Nole 92

This is on Jimbo's conservative play calling as much as the defense...

by 81nole
6 12/06/2014 11:33PM
Last Post by fsu89

I'm sorry but the ducks should be 1. Bama being 1 is based on a lie that the sec is good.*

by fsustage
1 12/06/2014 11:32PM
Last Post by fsustage

"Two to win by two"... Go Noles #1go noles

by 81nole
1 12/06/2014 11:30PM
Last Post by 81nole

We'll get a 3 seed tomorrow*

by MrOsceola
1 12/06/2014 11:29PM
Last Post by MrOsceola

Cook is the man*

by chefnole
1 12/06/2014 11:28PM
Last Post by chefnole


by 84Nole
1 12/06/2014 11:28PM
Last Post by 84Nole