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Our Mission

There is no shortage of sites on the Internet devoted to Florida State sports. There is certainly no shortage of places to talk about non-sports topics. This place still exists for one reason: there is a community of users, built up over a long time, who value each other's company and want a fun place to hang out. As such, this site's mission is not to see how big and "successful" it can become, or to attract hordes of new users, or to be the rallying point for anyone's agendas or vendettas (except as required simply by being a Seminole fan). This is a gathering not of strangers hiding behind Internet anonymity, but of friends. We welcome new users, but understand that it's your job to fit in with us, not our job to change to suit you.

In The Dilbert Principle, Scott Adams proposed a company model based on the notion that happy workers are more productive and from there concluded that "if you're making your co-workers unhappy, you're incompetent by definition." And that a good manager's job started with eliminating the [expletives].

So that's essentially how we moderate our forums. Hang out, have a good time and talk about FSU sports and the issues of the day, and we're good. If you don't feel like getting along, and your presence becomes a net negative in our judgment, then good luck on another board.

Our History

In 1995, a trio of FSU fans co-branded their separate websites, calling the conglomeration "Seminole Territory." There was some historical stuff, some recruiting news and notes, and a message board. Shortly afterward, JD took over the operation. A little later, Lynn came on board to help consolidate the site onto one server and edit a recruiting rumor mill. While things have changed over the years -- new software, new design, a name change to "The Territory" so that the trademark police wouldn't care if we sold t-shirts, etc. -- things stayed pretty much the same until April 2002, when The Territory was signed up by TheInsiders.com (now Scout.com).

To make a long story short, the network experience was less than fulfilling, and JD submitted his termination notice. While he was waiting out his non-compete period, Lynn opened a blog-and-forums site modeled on the old TT called Porchville, to give expatriate TTers a place to hang out. When JD was finally free to take the TT name and domain with him, Porchville was quickly re-branded as The Territory in June 2005. And may we all live happily ever after.

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