Randomly Random and Sufficiently Meaningless Thoughts

1. Well, at least BC (the Florida version, not the Massachusetts one) got a boat load of money for the 54-6 drubbing it took. That boat was possibly looking pretty good when that one rain shower came through Doak Campbell shortly before the game started.

2. And with that rain came some things previously unseen by this current version of Florida State football this season i.e. dropped passes prompting William Floyd to note that the wet weather made the ball “slippier”. Checking Webster’s ….. checking ……. still checking.

3. And speaking of 54-6, with FSU’s defense outscoring the Wildcats 8-6, Jimbo brought the offense to the game why?

4. Man, punter Cason Beatty is having a heck of an easy season so far. Gets to go home early last week as FSU decided not to punt the ball in the second half and then Jimbo gives him the first three quarters of Saturday’s game off as well. A punter could get used to that sort of thing I would think. Fans too I bet.

5. From Gene Deckerhoff who let the cat out of the bag, “This is the last non-conference game until Thanksgiving weekend”. So there we have it. Apparently Idaho is that previously speculated upon 16th member of the ACC!!! Those road trips are going to be hell. I’m not sure you can get to Idaho from here.

6. Also from our favorite play by play man, Geno described BC’s PAT on the Wildcats’ lone TD as “the point after was wide to the left”. Ummm, that would your other left Gene.

7. Best coaching decision by BC’s head coach was the time out he called in the 4th quarter as the Wildcats lined up to punt the ball away …. which was a fantastically brilliant move considering the long snapper was not on the field at the time.

8. The ‘perhaps they might have wanted to re-think that decision’ moment came after BC ran nine straight running plays and then threw their second pass of the game. For the record though, Telvin Smith agreed with the decision.

9. Can’t help but wonder why BC didn’t use any timeouts in their two minute drill on that last drive before the half? Oh wait … that’s right …. they burned all three in the first twelve plus minutes of the game!!!! Timeouts are overrated anyway.

10. Coming into Saturday’s game, the expert’s consensus was that it would be close early in the game with FSU pulling away. Perhaps I missed a rule change, but don’t all games start out close … as in zero to zero? On the bright side for BC though, it was close. Closer than Louisville over BC’s victim of last week, FIU and Ohio State over BC’s conference brethren FAMU. In case you missed the scoreboard, the two teams lost by a combined 148-0. Well, at least one of those numbers did not require the use of a calculator.

Bonus Randomly Random and Sufficiently Meaningless Thoughts

11. As the weekend’s games approached, the common thought by many college football fans was that it was a boring lineup of games, perhaps the worst in years. Some even considered skipping the Saturday ritual of plopping down on the couch all afternoon in favor of doing something else. Well, I suppose that was an option. You could have gone shopping at the local department store with the missus or significant other for some new dresses for her wardrobe. Or maybe taken care of some of those long standing items on the honey do list. Let’s see …. go on the “Dear, does this dress make my butt look big” shopping spree or head out to the south forty to mend the fences ….. versus watching college football all day?? Hmmm, tough choice.

12. After losing 37-0 to Maryland one can only ask Clint Trickett transferred to West Virginia for this?

13. I fail to understand why Tennessee changed quarterbacks at the start of the third quarter. It takes real talent to go 4 of 11 for only 5 yards with 2 interceptions. Note, I didn’t say it was good talent

14. The Blatantly Obvious Award goes to TV’s color analyst doing the Georgia/North Texas game offering viewers the scintillating commentary that the Mean Green “came to play”. NO!!!!!!!! Really??????? One would have thought they came to do something else like maybe line dancing.

15. Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday show at the University of North Dakota: “Yes, we do have electricity.” Yes, yes you do. You have snow too. Often in September. I’ll stick with Florida thank you where they have electricity and NO snow.

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