Frustratingly Random and Mostly Meaningless Thoughts

Frustratingly Random and Mostly Meaningless Thoughts

1. So, how was everyone’s start to the Labor Day holiday weekend? Did you do or see anything of interest yesterday? Maybe, if you were like me, you spent the entire day watching The Simpsons’ 552 episode marathon? Which is a good thing because as we know nothing very eventful occurs around this time of the year right?

2. Turns out I was mistaken. There was something of great interest to a large segment of population and particularly to Seminole fans everywhere. As I understand it the Florida State football team opened the season by playing the “Sooners” of Oklahoma. At least that is what play by play man Gene Deckerhoff said while calling the game. Numerous times.

3. Also from the aforementioned radio personality in calling the missed FG attempt by the “Sooners”, “it was wide by a Texas mile”. To me it looked like it missed by ten yards. No wonder that dadgum state is so big. Take a drive down to the Kwik e Mart and you’ve driven approximately 150 “Texas” miles.

4. One more from our beloved Geno. In describing FSU’s strategy for the final seconds of the game Deckerhoff said, “all the Seminoles have to do is keep it away …. (we assume he meant away from the Sooners) ….. for six years.” Given how the game turned out after leading 17-0 those final six seconds probably felt like six years to some ‘Noles in the stadium.

5. My guess is those Pac 12 referees ….they were auditioning for jobs in the ACC. Just a guess.

6. On the bright side, other than winning the game of course, kicker Roberto Aguayo is on pace to obliterate his own NCAA record of 157 points. With his 13 points and assuming the Seminoles play 14 games (which is a slam dunk money in the bank given right?) Bob will reach 182 points.

7. Headline seen prior to the game: “FSU’s Versatility on Defense Will Neutralize Oklahoma State’s Offense”( and here I thought we were playing the Sooners). OSU’s Tyreek Hill must not have read the newspaper that day.

8. Disappointing to hear of Chris Casher’s academic issues whatever they may be. Just a suggestion, but maybe enroll in a distance learning class at North Carolina?

9. With FSU using its third and final timeout of the game less than eight minutes into the second half one can only remember the age old axiom of football …….. timeouts are overrated anyway.

10. Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday show: “Jameis’ Crabshack”. Sure am glad we won’t be seeing something like that the rest of the season.

Bonus Frustratingly Random and Mostly Meaningless Thoughts

11. Disproving the old football adage that defenses are ahead of offenses this time of year, there was of course UCLA’s 28 points scored against UVa.

12. And speaking of the Bruins/Cavaliers contest, came this comment from the TV booth following Virginia’s touchdown to close the score to 21-17, “We’ve got a football game”. Which begs the question what would it have been had UVa not scored? An opera? A spelling contest? A rerun of The Simpsons?

13. Another Gameday sign: “Fear the Frog”. The frog? Yeah, that will strike fear in the hearts of their opponents.

14. Other than the offense and defense, Delaware did a good job hanging with Pitt in losing 62-0.

15. “Hogmollies.” From color commentator Jesse Palmer in describing, we’re not sure what, some aspect of the South Carolina/Texas A&M game. I’m not sure I even want to know what the heck that is.

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