45 Days Until Seminole Football

#45 Delvin Purifoy



Delvin Purifoy
RS Junior
6’2″ 246 lbs

Delvin Purifoy came into Florida State out of high school as a highly rated consensus 4* linebacker.  Unfortunately, his time in Tallahassee has been marked by injury.  He suffered a very serious ankle injury as a freshman and has a difficult time getting back to full health since.

#45 Henri Crockett (1992-96)




C.N. Proctor (1947)
Al Tharpe (1948)
Charles Farrior (1948)
Curt Campbell (1949-52)
Joe Wells (1950)
Bob Bates (1953)
Bob Morris (1954)
Roger Brownlee (1979-81)
Isaac Williams (1982-85)
Reggie Johnson (1986-87)
Kirk Carruthers (1988-91)
Henri Crockett (1992-96)
Lamont Green (1997-98)
Darnell Dockett (1999-03)
Chad Canfield (2004)
Charlie Graham (2005-07)
Michael Hellman (2008)
Shawn Powell (2008-11)
James Dolan (2010-11)
Nathan Slater (2012-13)
Will Burnham (2012-14)
Delvin Purifoy (2014-15)


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