Frequently Random and Distinctly Meaningless Thoughts

1. Congrats to the Seminoles for their execution of the game plan in dispatching Citadel 37-12. That is If the game plan was to score only touchdowns in the first half and only FGs in the second half. As if Roberto Aguayo needed the practice.

2. At least it was a more entertaining contest than the first ever meeting between the two teams, a thrilling zero to zero tie. No need for a calculator there.

3. And speaking of entertaining, when is the last time you saw a college game played in under three hours? It took some fans longer to drive home from the game than how long the game lasted. Certainly worth the drive though.

4. Kirk Herbstriet in discussing weak early season schedules of power conference teams said, “Nobody is showing up to these games anyway.” BTW, 81,294 nobodies showed up for the FSU/Citadel contest Saturday night.

5. The Aguayo watch continues as the Florida State kicker duplicated last week’s performance maintaining his blistering pace to score 182 points for the season. Thirteen must be his lucky number.

6. And speaking of said place kicking specialist, OK, now he was just showing off following a delay of game penalty on a kickoff (How the heck do you get a delay of game penalty on a kickoff????) and still kicked it seven yards deep into the endzone.

7. Who needs defensive linemen anyway right? Now if you could run out and get me a handful of DLs because good God we might need some after last night’s bloodbath of injuries.

8. If you weren’t familiar with the play called the “belly dive”, you sure were after that game. Without checking the play by play recap I’m estimating The Citadel ran it 80 times which is interesting since the Bulldogs ran 70 total plays. Well, no one ever said I was good at estimating. Didn’t have a calculator at hand.

9. And speaking of stats in particular the halftime totals, if they wanted to show highlights Jameis Winston’s passing, it would have been far faster to show his incompletions.

10. Sometimes Mrs. BFT just doesn’t get the one liners as in following the second TD of the game and the comment from her spouse, “Jesus, he’s good”.

Bonus Frequently Random and Distinctly Meaningless Thoughts

11. Following a sideline interview with now FSU HOFer Amp Lee who commented the victory over Michigan at the Big House was his favorite Sod Cemetery game, Gene Deckerhoff added, “We beat them like a tin can”. Gene clearly never was a percussionist.

12. You’ve heard it said many times, a team learns the most between game one and game two. And Clemson, following its lopsided loss to Georgia, showed it learned something. It learned to schedule an absolute patsy in destroying South Carolina State 73-7. On a side note I’m thinking a second half game plan two weeks from now of just FGs would be unwise. Just a thought.

13. Western Illinois’ fax paux on the opening kickoff of the game that gave Wisconsin two points after just one second of clock time expired can be summed up by that esteemed American philosopher (need I say the name?) ……… DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday show: “I love Khloe Kardashian.” Yeah, some schmuck waving a sign on stick expressing his (we assume his, not that there is anything wrong with that) deepest inner most feelings about a woman at a large congregation of football fans who showed up at 4 AM just to watch a group of guys discuss football when they could have stayed at home and watched on TV anyway impressed her immensely I’m sure.

15. After a ………. shall we say just to be kind a somewhat disappointing performance by many of the teams located in a certain conference located in the Midwest part of the country …. who knew that logo BIG stood for one gigantic BIG flop of a weekend for the Big Ten.

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