FSU vs Boston College: Preview and Prediction

Florida State ADVANTAGES Boston College
fsu_seminoles_logo_detail FSU Run Game vs Boston College Defense

Florida State has started the year off running the ball extremely well led by Dalvin Cook and 211 yards per game.  The FSU offense line is big, but young a bit inconsistent right now.  BC has been dominant against the run thus far, but against very poor competition.  The BC front 7 is a bit smaller than the South Florida group the Noles just faced with just one 300+ pounder in the two deep.

 PUSH FSU Passing Game vs Boston College Defense

Florida State has struggled in the passing game this year, particularly in the 1st half of games. A combination of quarterback play, offensive line breakdowns, and wide receiver drops are to blame. It’s difficult to say at this part of the season who has the advantage in this area.  While FSU hasn’t looked good, Boston College hasn’t faced a team that gives any indication of their ability to defend against the pass.  The Noles certainly have the talent at wide receiver, but erratic quarterback play through the first two games makes this matchup a push.

fsu_seminoles_logo_detail Boston College Run Game vs FSU Defense

Boston College is replacing four out of five offensive lineman this year and only one of their two deep on the line is 300 pounds.  That’s a far cry from the typical large and physical offensive lines that BC puts out.  The Eagles have run well averaging 275 yards per game spread over quite a few contributors, but again the competition has been so bad that it’s tough to understand what that means.   The Noles have been stout against the run so far and have faced, arguably, one of the best backs they’ll face this season in South Florida Marlon Mack.  While Boston College will rely on the run enough to get some yards, this is an advantage for the Noles.

fsu_seminoles_logo_detail Boston College Pass Game vs FSU Defense

Even given the teams they’ve faced, BC hasn’t looked especially impressive in the passing game.  Averaging just 145 yards per game as a team, starter Darius Wade has only completed 56.7% of his passes thus far.  The FSU defensive back field has looked strong so far and there are signs that the Noles will have an improved pass rush this season.  This matchup is probably the most lopsided in favor of the Noles this week.

fsu_seminoles_logo_detail Special Teams

The Noles have the advantage here with the top place kicker in the country in Roberto Aguayo and a dynamic return game.  That’s enough to give them the overall edge in special teams.  Unfortunately, punting has continued to be an issue for Florida State and in a game that could feature some sloppy offensive play, the field position battle might come into play.

31 Prediction

This is a really difficult game to read for the Seminoles this weekend.  On one hand, the inconsistencies at quarterback and offensive line, the poor punting, and a night road game in a place that FSU has struggled some in the past can cause some anxiety leading up to this game.  On the other hand, Boston College’s offense isn’t any better than the offenses FSU has faced in Texas State or South Florida, they’re smaller on both lines than they typically are, and Florida State has more talent at every position on the field.  While I certainly would not be surprised if this one remains close and the Noles win in a low scoring 24-17 type game, I’m going to predict that Everett Golson plays a solid, if unspectacular game, and that Dalvin Cook and the Noles defense is just too much for BC and FSU takes this one a little more comfortably.


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